• Designed to fit most square cornered canopies, campers and tent trailers.

• The width is adjustable to 96".

• Towers are stamped from 11 ga. steel plate.

• Cross members are 1 1/4" x .065 square tube.

• End tubes are 1" square x .065.

• Maximum even load is 200 lbs.

• All mounting hardware, instructions and end caps are included.

• Black powder coated for long lasting finish.

Mounting Instructions: Read before proceeding
2002 Roof Rack

Find suitable positions to attach the mounting brackets. Using one of the brackets as a template, scribe both sides of the bracket onto the drip rail. Do this for all four mounting locations. Cut out the four pieces of scribed drip rail and discard. Again, using the bracket as a template, centre punch the hole locations on each bracket position. Drill four 1/8" pilot holes for each bracket, taking care to avoid any electrics that may be present. Putty tape the underside face and shoulder of each bracket. Install the brackets using the lag screws. Do not tighten.

Slide the 1" curved end bars into the 1¼" centre bar. Make sure that the holes in the centre bar are on top. Place each of the two assemblies into position over the remaining brackets. Install the ¼ x 1½" hex caps as per diagram. Do not tighten.

Make sure that the 1¼" centre bars are centred between the 1" bars. Tighten the mounting bracket lag screws, and the hex caps installed through the 1" tube and the mounting brackets. Centre punch the 1" tubes visible in the top hole of the 1¼" tube. Drill ¼" through the 1" tubes. Install the hex caps provided. The heads of the hex caps will be drawn into the hole in the top of the 1¼" tube when tightened. Tighten all other bolts. Installation is complete.

NOTE: The 2002 Roof Rack System is designed for an evenly spaced load not exceeding 200 poundsBe sure that your unit will sustain a weight of this nature.

NOTE: Billis RVE Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. does not accept responsibility for any personal injury or property damage resulting from improper alteration, installation, or use of our product(s).

2002 Camper Roof Rack

Part # 2002

The 2002 is designed to carry evenly distributed loads of up to 200 lbs. For installation on truck campers, tent trailers, travel trailers & fifth wheel trailers which have square corners. The rack is adjustable for roofs up to 8' in width. Anchoring to the RV is accomplished with lag screws and hex caps which are included. Powder coated all for a more durable finish. Shipping weight: 22 lbs.